Ewer's Carrier - 18k Gold And Emerald Stones
Ewer's Carrier - 18k Gold And Emerald Stones

Emerald Obsidian 18k Necklace


"Ewer's Carrier" |18k Gold Pendance, Ancient Flint Stone Jewelry, Arrowhead Pendants

  • Flint Stone Arrow Head Decorated With Stunning 18k Gold and Emerald Stones.
  • Flint Stones are handcrafted as part of Canaan Spirit Jewelry by the stonemason artists Micha Hanuna, specializing in ancient techniques of flint knapping, the art of turning flint arrowheads and knives into jewelry.
  • Each piece is handmade, therefore each item will be different from the other: One of A Kind.  
  • They will have small flaws and imperfections, which only adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the item.     
  • These are tribal pieces, rough and raw. A true reflection of their history.  
  • They are made with the hand and full of passion.
  • Canaan Spirit - Beauty echoes through the ages..
  • Length: 2.3 Inch, 560mm
  • 18k Gold, 6.0 grams & Emerald Stones, 0.2cr.        
  • Chain: 18K Gold, 4.0gr'. Length: 20.07" (527 mm)
  • By the jeweler Maor Radminoviz
  • Available for purchase also with two payments. Please ask me how.

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